Arval Active Link

One system - multiple variants

Rental vehicle pre-installation (mid-term rental)

We are gradually equipping our rental vehicles with Arval Active Link - this not only increases driver safety since, in the event of theft or an accident, the system is also able to automatically inform Arval (e.g GPS position, the severity of the accident). In the pre-installation mode, the renter has no access to personal data of the driver (e.g. driving behaviour). The installation allows Arval to improve planning of maintenance work and inspections of rental vehicles as the current total mileage can be determined on a daily basis. The pre-installation with Arval Active Link is similar to that for common GPS anti-theft systems, which are being increasingly installed in rental vehicles.

Arval Active Link Basic

Arval Active Link Basic is your ticket to the world of telematics! Discover our in-house vehicle telematics solution for operational fleet management. The data is collected, processed in real-time and analysed directly in the vehicle. With Arval Active Link, you have access to all vehicle data, regardless of the brand or with whom financing was arranged - this means that costs can be reduced, security improved and fleet productivity increased. Even in the basic module, you get a clear web interface: Analyse your fleet at any time on the web, on your tablet or smartphone.

Arval Active Journey

By adding Arval Active Journey, the analysis of business and private journeys becomes even more efficient. Arval Active Journey records the position at engine start and stop and offers a comprehensive overview of business or private travel. The driver can, for example, enter regularly visited addresses and thus make these even easier to detect. If the driver wishes to mark a journey as private, he or she uses either the privacy button on the web interface or a built-in button in the vehicle (optional).

Arval Active Routing

Arval Active Routing was developed in order to enable driving analysis in real time and therefore to improve fleet productivity. Follow all the vehicles in your fleet on a real-time map and, by entering the address, calculate the arrival time based on the current traffic situation. Optimise your fleet with the planning of trips and create more efficient fleet utilisation.

Arval Active Sharing

Use Arval Active Sharing for the future management of pool vehicles - identification of drivers and assigning of driving information is straightforward with Arval Active Sharing. With Active Sharing, you not only get an overview of the driving times of individual drivers and the mileage they have covered, you can also, for example, assign traffic tickets more easily. In this way, you can better identify the actual use of your pool vehicles and, for example, increase utilisation.