CART – Simply the better alternative

Release of liability from third-party and fully comprehensive claims


CART – Your alternative to third-party and fully comprehensive insurance

With CART, Arval releases you from liability for third-party and fully comprehensive claims against the vehicles leased from Arval. Combined with our liability insurance, CART is a simple, innovative and, above all, cost-effective solution.

In comparison with conventional insurance protection, CART offers you extended insurance coverage including cover and gap risk. Arval handles all communication between all parties involved in handling claims. You will have virtually no administrative expense following damages to your fleet vehicles.

One price – a strong package of benefits

By choosing the CART service module, you can make use of the benefits of Arval Assistance and Arval claims management throughout Europe. The costs and administrative expense following damages to your fleet vehicles are reduced significantly. Combined with the use of carefully selected Arval partner garages, you can avoid up to 20 percent of the usual costs. Depending on the individual case, you will be provided with the following benefits without additional fees:

  • 24-hour service hotline for reporting accidents and damages
  • Towing and recovery of the damaged vehicle
  • Transportation to a garage in the Arval partner network
  • Free collection and delivery service by individual arrangement
  • Provision of a free replacement vehicle
  • Preparation of a report
  • Issuance of authorisation for repair
  • Correspondence with solicitors
  • Invoice verification
  • Advance payment of repair costs

Choose the smart alternative to conventional vehicle insurance! Arval CART releases you from liability for third-party and fully comprehensive claims and offers you holistic protection for your fleet with extensive added benefits. Have we piqued your interest? Then please do not hesitate to here contact us.


The benefits to you of CART at a glance


CART protects you from the following risks:

  • Accident involving the vehicle
  • Wilful or malicious acts
  • Glass breakage
  • Damages caused by animal bites including consequential damages up to EUR 1,000
  • Collision with animals: damage caused by game and collisions with horses, cattle, sheep and goats
  • First-party damages
  • Additional values are automatically covered up to EUR 10,000
  • Exclusion of reference to gross negligence (excluding in the case of drugs/alcohol and grossly negligent causation of theft)
  • Damages caused by storms, hail, lightning, flooding, avalanches and mudslides
  • Fire and explosion
  • Short circuit damages to cabling
  • Misappropriation, especially due to theft/robbery
  • Exchange of vehicle key and locks in the event of burglary/robbery