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Corporate Vehicle Observatory

In 2002, Arval founded the Corporate Vehicle Observatory in France; it was introduced to Germany in 2005. Its purpose is to tackle questions related to corporate mobility at an international level from a neutral perspective. CVO covers a broad spectrum of topics. In addition to dealing with the use of new technologies such as alternative engines, it also addresses fleet management – paying special attention to total cost of ownership (TCO) – as well as general questions of mobility. These general mobility-related issues range from observing the control systems of individual countries to intermodular mobility systems. The findings on these topics are addressed in the following formats:

  • Expert panel discussions

  • Specialist brochures

  • CVO fleet barometer

Special attention is currently being paid to the CVO fleet barometer, which has already seen its twelfth edition in Germany. The following points are covered each year:

Where decision-makers stand on topics relevant to vehicle fleets

  • Trends in the automobile market

  • A comparison of trends in twelve European countries

  • The CVO keeps you up to date with the latest information and news in these areas:

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The CVO is available to all fleet managers. By joining the CVO club, you will also be able to access all the studies from the past six years as well as the most recent edition and graphics.


The CVO is open to all experts in the fleet management industry and to specialists in companies in related sectors. Become a member now and benefit from valuable, first-hand information and exclusive benefits:

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CVO Fuhrpark-Barometer 2016 zeigt Fuhrparktrends: Bedeutung neuer Technologien im Fuhrpark stark gestiegen.

CVO Fuhrpark-Barometer 2015 zeigt Fuhrparktrends: Leasing erstmals Hauptfinanzierungsmethode für Firmenfahrzeuge.

CVO Fuhrpark-Barometer 2014 zeigt Fuhrparktrends: TCO ist entscheidend bei der Fahrzeugwahl.

CVO Fuhrpark-Barometer 2013 zeigt Fuhrparktrends: Nur wenige Fuhrparkmanager in Deutschland nutzen Fahrzeugmodelle ausländischer Hersteller, um ihre Fuhrparkkosten zu senken.

CVO Fuhrpark-Barometer 2012 zeigt Fuhrparktrends: Flottenmanager haben Fuhrparkkosten fest im Blick. In diesem Jahr geben über 3.600 Flottenentscheider in 12 europäischen Ländern zu Trends im Fuhrparkmanagement Auskunft.

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