Our social responsibility

Social responsibility


Arval employees receive regular training to support the development and maintenance of long-term and ethical business relationships.This also enables the creation of a peaceful and positive internal work environment in which there is a willingness to compromise.

Employee training

Personnel training courses to establish a long-term, ethical business relationship in order to promote diversity.

  • The AGG test – the anti-discrimination programme
    This test is based on the General Act on Equal Treatment and contributes to creating a discrimination-free workplace. The training course gives each Arval employee a thorough insight into the subject of discrimination and behaviour at the workplace.

  • Code of Conduct
    The Code of Conduct sets out the main guidelines applicable within the company. The code is a guide for all employees, helping them gain a better understanding of their responsibilities and make the right decisions at the workplace. It also provides support in leading activities, justifying decisions and proactively embracing values.

  • Regular training courses
    All Arval employees undergo further training courses on the latest developments in areas such as money laundering etc

Solidarity-based employment management at Arval

  • Training provision at Arval
    As an employer, Arval offers a wide range of training courses which can be attended by all employees.

  • Employee health is important to Arval:
    Fresh fruit and water is provided each week in order to meet our responsibility to Arval employees with respect to health. It is important during transition periods in particular to maintain a balanced diet which is rich in vitamins.