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Our solutions make your fleet management easier.
Unsere Loesungen vereinfachen Ihnen das Fuhrparkmanagement

Discover new opportunities in fleet management with our customer and driver services. My Arval offers intelligent tools for you and your drivers. These tools are easy to use and provide important information at the same time. You will receive useful driver-related information in a flexible format that will be available to you at any time.

My Arval

Your personalised area for simplified fleet management in day-to-day business.

With My Arval, you will find what you need in just a few clicks: Management tools for your fleet and news from the automobile industry.

What we offer
- Overview of which vehicles in your fleet have been sent out
- Search functions - network partners near you
- Useful documents
- Information about your fleet
- News from the automobile industry.
- Our social media activities at a glance

Your benefits
You're probably wondering: "What do I get out of it?" We can tell you that easily: My Arval contains important information that you need in your day-to-day business.

It is an extra tool that will save you time with simple things. You get a full overview of your fleet and receive the latest news from the automobile industry to ensure you find out all the important details about fleet management. We handle important documents for you online to save you time. And don't forget: My Arval is available on your touchpad or computer 24/7.

Ihr personalisierter Bereich für ein vereinfachtes  Fuhrparkmanagement im Tagesgeschäft
My Fleet Status
Eine schnelle und detaillierte Übersicht Ihres  Fuhrparks

A fast and detailed overview of your fleet.

You can find all the important figures about your fleet on this user-friendly platform. The graphs give you a clear overview of the current status.

What's special about My Fleet Status?
My Fleet Status sorts the key figures of your fleet into four areas. Each category shows you the general trend of your fleet since the start of the year and gives a comparison with the previous year.

- Fleet: Monthly overview of your fleet sorted by fuel type, vehicle and brand
- Costs: Average monthly costs and budget breakdown
- Fuel consumption: Average deviation from the mileage
- Environment: CO2 emissions and consumption

Your benefits
An immediate overview of your fleet, available 24/7. And the tool compares the data of your current fleet with that of the previous year. This way you can create analyses quickly and easily.

My Arval and My Arval Mobile for the drivers

Essential information - always to hand.

Wherever you are – My Arval and our My Arval Mobile app will answer your drivers' questions.

What does My Arval offer?
Useful and clear information:
- My vehicle: Mileage, contract details, fuel consumption, maintenance, damage
- Communication: News about Arval and quarterly driving statistics
- Direct-dial button

What does the My Arval Mobile app offer?
Useful and clear information:
- Important information on the leasing vehicle
- Instant access to vehicle documents
- Archive containing all Arval messages and documents
- Details of nearby garages
- Direct contact with Arval

Your benefits
Simply put: You save time. All processes involving your leasing vehicle should be as easy as possible. That's why we are constantly working on improving the app and keeping you up to date.

Wesentliche Informationen - jederzeit  griffbereit
Social Media
Arval bringt Sie immer auf den aktuellsten Stand der Dinge

Arval always makes sure you keep on top of everything!

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