Our service for drivers

Key information about your leasing contract

Driver’s kit & service card

With the Arval driver’s kit, you can keep track of all of our services and emergency hotlines. It is a useful travel companion that you will receive when collecting your new leased vehicle. Order your driver’s kit via kontakt@arval.de.

Arval hotline sticker
By applying to the inside of your windscreen – if possible, on the back of your environmental plaque – you will always have the Arval service hotline number for Germany (0800 082 65 00) and abroad (+49 (0) 89 / 90 477 150 ) to hand.

Arval parking disc
In addition to providing you with the emergency numbers of several neighbouring countries in Europe, the parking disc also gives you an overview of the most important Arval services.

Arval rescue kit
The standardised rescue card specific to your vehicle’s model gives emergency rescue workers extra valuable time in the worst case scenario. Get your own rescue card so that you are always prepared.

Arval service card
The Arval service cards allows you to visit a mechanic without having to pay in cash. All you need to do is present your service card for authorisation. Have you heard about our Arval Tank & Service petrol card? With it, you have the benefit of making cashless payments at the petrol station. If you don’t yet enjoy the petrol card service from Arval, you can simply exchange your standard service card for a personalised one.

Order a rescue card

Order a service card

In case of emergency

What should I do in the event of damages?
You can report damages any time by phone via our service hotline 0800 082 65 00 (Germany) or +49 (0) 89 / 90 477 150 (abroad). Arval will record the details of the incident and organise the next steps. You will receive a completed damage report for confirmation.
In the event of personal injury, theft, break-ins, fire, hit and runs, damage caused by wild animals, or vandalism, please notify the nearest police station.
Do not immediately sign an admission of fault or assignment note.
Only Arval may select the mechanic and place the repair order.

Glass damage
You can report glass damage any time by phone via our service hotline 0800 082 65 00 (Germany) or +49 (0) 89 / 90 477 150 (abroad). Our service partners will quickly and professionally perform the repair. This can be done on location in some cases. Invoices should be issued to Arval Deutschland GmbH.

Theft and loss
If you are unable to locate your vehicle where you left it, please file a police report as soon as possible. If this happens abroad, first notify the local police and then inform the German police.
You can report the event any time by phone via our service hotline 0800 082 65 00 (Germany) or +49 (0) 89 / 90 477 150 (abroad). Please send Arval a written notice within two business days and submit a copy of the police report as well as all vehicle keys and the radio code card.

Do not keep your vehicle registration in the vehicle so as not to jeopardise the insurance cover.

Vehicle return

Arval organises the collection of your vehicle at your company headquarters. This saves you an enormous amount of time. To order this service, send an email with the word “Collection” in the subject line to kontakt@arval.de.
There are also nationwide return stations available upon request. To find the nearest return station, please contact us.

We request that you clean the inside and outside of the vehicle before returning it. Please remember to remove all personal items and ensure that all included accessories and documents are in the vehicle. Extra costs may arise for missing accessories. These include:

- Winter and summer tyres (if available)
- Spare tyre (if included), wheel lock key
- Service packet and user manual from the manufacturer
- Registration and permit
- All vehicle keys
- Radio code card
- Navigation CD
- Boot covering
- Emissions test and general inspection report
- Arval service card and driver’s kit

Become an owner

Are you thinking about buying your leased vehicle?
It’s a good idea, regardless of whether it’s a second car you need or a car for a beginner, friend or family member. You will have received it as a new vehicle that has been cared for and maintained.
If you are interested in purchasing your leased vehicle, we will gladly prepare a non-binding offer for you. You can contact us at any time at 089/90 477 0 for a quote.

Your advantages at a glance
- Precise knowledge about your vehicle
- The option of purchasing your vehicle at an attractive price
- No internal explanations or additional charges required at the end of the contract in the event of damages
- No lost time or extra logistics when returning the vehicle

Your opinion is important to us!

Client satisfaction is one of our goals that we are constantly striving to improve. That is why your requests and suggestions are important to us. If you have any requests, suggestions or complaints, please write us in person at kontakt@arval.de.