Leasing with Arval

Our goal is that you are happy

Your customer satisfaction is important to us. This is why we offer services tailored to your needs and regularly ensure that they are adhered to. This way we can guarantee that we can also deliver on our promises.

With our service level agreement, we agree on guarantees and service standards with you in advance. Our customers are our best ambassadors and we are always prepared to go one step further so that you as the customer will always be happy.

- We set down clear approaches and service standards.

- We regularly assess our performance and our customers' satisfaction.

- We see any type of dissatisfaction as a complaint.

Our promise: We will give you what you asked for.

We will do the admin and you stay in control
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Outsourcing fleet management frees up time and resources and spares you from the associated risks. You can choose the extent of the outsourcing secure in the knowledge that we will give you exactly what we promised you.

We are not just responsible for managing your fleet on your behalf, we also take on all the associated risks. Some people may think that fleet management is easy.

But if you make a list of all the parties involved – the manufacturers, dealers, tax authorities, insurance companies, tyre suppliers, companies that replace glass and repair bodywork, or even your own company's HR department – you will quickly see that there is a lot more to it.

You can decide the extent to which you would like to outsource to us.