FAQs for drivers



Order and delivery

How do I find the delivery date?
The delivery date for your vehicle depends on the respective manufacturer's production times and can vary depending on the vehicle.
After receiving the order confirmation, your Account Manager can tell you the non-binding delivery date for your vehicle. You can access the current delivery date for your vehicle online at any time via your personal access to My Arval.
As soon as the retailer has notified Arval of the actual delivery date, you will receive a notification of the date and further details about the vehicle handover.

How do I receive a driver kit for my leased car?
We will send you the driver kit before we deliver your vehicle. This gives you an overview of all important information about our services and hotlines.

My Arval

What's My Arval?
My Arval is Arval's online tool. The driver platform contains all important information about your vehicle and lease.

How can I register for My Arval?
You receive access to the online tool My Arval when you tell us your business email address. As soon as your access has been approved, you can choose a password.

Where can I download the Arval app?
Arval's app is called My Arval Mobile. This app is available for Android and iOS.

Service hotlines

Contact the Arval driver hotline at +49 (0) 89 / 744 23 100.
Want to speak to your Account Manager directly? Then use the call key via our My Arval Mobile app which connects you directly with Arval.

Maintenance service

What to do if repairs or inspections are due?
If you have taken out the Arval maintenance service for your leased vehicle, this includes the following work at workshops:

  • Inspections
  • General inspections as well as
  • servicing and repairs due to wear and tear.

You can generally commission contract workshops authorised by the manufacturer for this work. Simply present your Arval service card during your visit. If you forget your card, the workshop can get approval directly via our service hotline.

Which workshop can I use?
You can arrange for your vehicle to be repaired at the contract workshops authorised by the manufacturer or at any Arval partner workshops.
You can find an overview of all workshops via the My Arval Mobile app or the online tool My Arval. Simply log in with your personal details and use partner search to find a workshop near you.
If you feel uncertain, you can contact our Arval service hotline directly to ask for a workshop near you.

When does my vehicle need an inspection?
The service intervals for vehicles vary by manufacturer and model. You can find the intervals in your service log, or your vehicle might notify you automatically in its service internal display.

What to do if there is a technical defect?
Having technical problems with your leased vehicle? Please report the incident to our Arval driver hotline at +49 (0) 89 / 744 23 100. We will take all the necessary steps.

Tyre service

Where do I get my winter tyres?
If you have agreed a tyre service via Arval, you can get your winter tyres from one of our tyre partners with your service card without using cash. Drive to the retailer, arrange for the tyres to be installed and simply present your service card.
Get your winter tyres from an Arval tyre partner near you. Arval has more than 3,500 service partners available to you across Germany. Find the nearest tyre workshop via the My Arval Mobile app or online via My Arval.

What do I need to take into account for tyre changes?
In order to avoid possible deadlocks for tyre changes, we recommend you book your tyre change with an Arval tyre partner near you well in advance.
We recommend that summer tyres should be installed by April at the latest and winter tyres by September at the latest.

When should I replace tyres?
If a tyre needs replacing, you need to make sure that the size of the tyre matches the initial vehicle set-up, i.e. the tyre size approved by the manufacturer. Summer tyres need to be replaced if their tread is less than 2 mm and winter tyres less than 4 mm.

Tyre safety tips
Check your tyre pressure at regular intervals. Don't forget to also check your spare tyre. If you drive carelessly, this could damage your tyres.
We recommend that you visit a tyre partner for a tyre change as soon as you notice any damage.

Fuel card

When do I receive a fuel card for my leased vehicle?
Fuel cards must be agreed separately with Arval. You then receive the fuel card before your vehicle is delivered. Your fuel card will be sent out by post. For security reasons, the PIN is sent in a separate letter.

What do I need to keep in mind when using a fuel card?
Memorise your PIN. Do not store your PIN anywhere near your fuel card. Whenever you pay with your fuel card using your PIN, always also provide your current vehicle mileage in kilometres.

What to do if I enter a wrong PIN?
If you enter a wrong PIN three times, the fuel card is locked automatically for 24 hours. After this period, you can use your fuel card again.

What to do if I lose my fuel card?
Please report the loss of your card immediately to the service hotline or by sending an email to kontakt@arval.de. We will arrange for the fuel card to be locked and provide a replacement card.

In the event of damage

What to do in the event of damage?
Please report any damage, no matter whether these are technical defects or accidents, to Arval via the driver hotline +49 (0) 89 / 744 23 100. Arval will record all details and initiate further steps.
Arval will arrange for your vehicle to be transported to a contract workshop and provide you with a replacement vehicle.
In the event of theft, break-ins, damage during parking or vandalism, please notify the nearest police station.

Replacement and rental vehicle

How do I get a rental vehicle?
If you have agreed a rental vehicle service via Arval, you can book a rental vehicle via our hotline from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please note that outside these business hours, rental vehicles can only be booked in emergencies.
If you require a replacement vehicle because your leased vehicle is no longer usable because of an accident or technical breakdown, please contact the Arval driver hotline on +49 (0) 89 / 744 23 100.

Vehicle return

When does my lease end?
Find this information via the My Arval Mobile app or online via My Arval. You can also ask your Account Manager directly.   

How do I return the vehicle?
Your Account Manager will discuss the details of your vehicle return with you. You can return your vehicle to one of the Arval locations free-of-charge after arranging a date.
Arval organises the collection of your vehicle. You and the haulier will check the vehicle and draw up a return log. The haulier will then deliver the vehicle to Arval where it will be inspected by an independent expert.

What do I need to take into account when returning the vehicle?
Please also return any accessories that you received with your vehicle. In addition to summer and winter tyres, these are the service log, all vehicle keys and any additional accessories.
Please remember to remove all private items before returning the vehicle.

Become the owner

Can I buy my leased vehicle after the contract ends?
You have the option to acquire your leased vehicle privately. No matter whether you need a second car or are looking for a vehicle for a friend or family member.
We will notify you of the option to purchase before the contract ends. This gives you enough time to decide whether you want to buy the vehicle.