For Arval, compliance means

Consideration of all business regulations:
- Legal and official provisions
- Professional and ethical standards
- Supervisory Board guidelines
- Management Board rules of procedure

Protection of customer interests and the Group image

Compliance | Schutz der Kundeninteressen | Verhaltenskodex

Compliance in detail

Code of Conduct

The Code regarding responsible conduct must be followed throughout the business process. This conduct is based on the strong values of the Group, which are shared by all Arval employees. Alongside the corporate culture, these values also form the company’s reputation and strengthen brand awareness with customers, suppliers and all business partners.

It is important for a constantly growing international company to build relationships with its partners to the highest quality standards. Sustainable relationships built on trust must be based on honesty, integrity, respect, as well as fair, informed decision making on all levels.

The corporate image is based above all on the quality and integrity of our employees. The corporate values of reactivity, creativity, commitment, determination and respect are reflected in our work, with the result that every employee acts as a role model. The Arval Code of Conduct constitutes the main set of guidelines within the company.

The Code of Conduct serves as a guideline for each employee, enabling them to better understand their responsibilities and to take the right decisions in the workplace.It also serves as a support tool in managing activities, justifying decisions and practicing our values.

Download the Code of Conduct

Whistle Blowing

Responsible business management, as well as honesty and integrity are the watchwords of Arval employees. High standards are guaranteed, making Arval a company that our business partners can trust.

If employees or external partners wish to report a potential breach of internal standards, legal provisions or the Code of Code of Conduct at any given time, you can use the form listed below to do so or send an email or letter to the following addresses:


Postal Adress
Permanent Control & Compliance Director
22 Rue des 2 Gares
92564 Rueil-Malmaison

Confidentiality of information is ensured in compliance with legal provisions and the internal guidelines. Concerns can be sent anonymously, but no other issues resolved or explanations given if requested. All notifications are treated discretely and with respect. Each proven breach is penalised according to the internal disciplinary procedure and/or legal/official provisions.

Download reporting form (Microsoft Word)