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My Arval Community
Inspiration, Diskussionen und Informationen

Inspiration, discussion and information.

Arval offers its customers an exclusive online platform on which fleet experts can communicate with each other, find out the latest news and extend their network. Here you'll have the chance to actively help shape the range of services offered by Arval and will be the first to find out about new developments.

Your benefits:

  • Exclusive look at new services
  • Access to a database of expert knowledge
  • Feedback and evaluations for all surveys
  • Anonymous participation is also possible

My Arval Community is also very intuitive to use and works on all mobile devices. This way, you can also access the platform on the go and won't miss any discussions or announcements.

How to join:

In order to join My Arval Community, simply contact your customer service representative or send an email to

Maintenance and repairs of wear and tear

The heart of full-service leasing

Arval will cover the costs of maintenance, inspections and repairs of wear and tear. A monthly, unchanging flat fee will be charged for the duration of the leasing contract. When the contract ends, any open invoices will be reconciled with the actual costs incurred.

Your benefits
- Arval guarantees constant costs for the duration of the contract
- For closed accounts, Arval will take on the risk of repairs and price increases
- Significant time and cost savings in the area of administration

Das Herz des Full-Service-Leasing
Tyre service
Eine runde Sache

Nicely rounded out

Arval offers two service packages that allow customers to choose the range of services and tyre quality for the entire fleet or for individual vehicles, depending on their use. These services can be billed for in the form of an open or closed account.

Your benefits
- Consistent payments, predictable costs – throughout the whole contract period
- Arval takes on the risk of price increase for closed accounts
- The customer benefits from special terms
- Comprehensive network of over 3,500 tyre service specialists
- Drivers save time and effort
- All services will be charged for electronically via Arval

Refuel card management

Arval refuels for you!

Do you know the advantage of Arval Refuel card management?

You can use the Arval Tank & Service card to refuel your company car and to pay for garage work done at Arval service partners. Simply show the refuel card when you visit the repair garage. The garage and Arval will take care of everything else. The refuelling cards can be issued with various levels of entitlement and you can choose whether they should be valid in just Germany or in all of Europe. The Arval reporting means you have detailed records at your disposal.

The Arval petrol station network includes:
- acceptance network of euroShell Card: Shell, Esso, Avia, Total
- acceptance network of Aral Card Aral, Agip, BP, OMV, Statoil

Mobility package

So you can stay mobile

The mobility package combines three goals: fast assistance for the driver, guaranteeing mobility, lower administrative burden for the company. A lot of this is already included in our full-service leasing deal.

Arval breakdown assistance
Our international breakdown cover is available around the clock to any driver of a vehicle that is managed or leased by Arval.

Damage service
The free Arval damage service will kick in as soon as any leased vehicle requires repair work.

Damage management
With the damage management service package, the driver simply needs to call our free 24-hour service line in the event of damage. We will then do the rest.

CART – The alternative to third-party and fully comprehensive insurance

With CART, Arval will be liable for any third-party claims and damage caused to vehicles leased by Arval, not you. In combination with our liability insurance, CART is a simple, innovative and, above all, cheap solution.

Compared to conventional insurance, CART offers additional cover: No risk of policy exclusions. Arval will communicate with all parties involved in the event of damage. You have virtually no administrative burden if fleet vehicles become damaged.

Your benefits
- Reduced administrative burden
- All your needs are taken care of, optimum risk cover
- Flexible levels of co-payments
- You only need to contact one person for questions on insurance or in the event of breakdown or damages.

Active risk management is included
Arval reports and analyses damages and costs. In the medium and long term, we can help you to optimise the frequency and costs of damage. This has positive effects on the overall costs.

We advise and support our customers with all insurance-related issues.

Rental and courtesy cars
Miet | Flottenleasing |  Anmietung | Flotte

The flexible addition to fleet leasing

Arval will either hire a vehicle for the customer if they wish or provide one from its own fleet. Just give us a call and we'll provide a car – whether for business trips, a replacement vehicle following an accident or to bridge the gap before the arrival of a delivery. As soon as a staff member is authorised to hire cars via Arval, they can use our free booking hotline.

Your benefits
- No prepayments required from the customer
- Costs are integrated into the monthly invoice
- The customer benefits from special Arval conditions
- Long-term rent up to 24 months

Arval Outsourcing Solutions

The consistent improvement of our full-service approach.

Arval Outsourcing Solutions is a collection of services for drivers. We handle the day-to-day contact with your drivers and implement your fleet guidelines. Arval provides your vehicle users with active support right from the start – from the initial quote right up until the vehicle is returned. Arval provides information and advice about the Car Policy and other fleet rules, answers questions about vehicles and agreed services, communicates relevant news and keeps the driver mobile around the clock.

In order to provide this service, it is important that we know your requirements and company car policy. For this reason, an inventory is taken as a first step before Arval Outsourcing Solutions commences. We will examine your processes and the associated costs and let you know in which areas you can optimise your fleet management.

Online services
OKC Online-Kundencenter

Fleet management made easy

My Arval
The customer can receive the current status of their fleet at any time via My Arval. This way, the customers benefit from full transparency and can make a decision better.

Configurate with My Arval
The online configurator is tailored to the customer's fleet and vehicle policy and is available to staff members at any time via a secure access point.

My Fleet Status
My Fleet Status contains all important fleet data at a glance.

Vehicle services

Arval takes on the admin for you

Vehicle tax
Arval will ensure punctual payment of vehicle tax to the responsible tax authorities while the leasing contract is active and the customer can reimburse Arval later. Possible tax breaks will be taken into account when calculating the monthly tax rate.

Radio licence
Arval will register the vehicle with the radio licencing authorities (GEZ) and ensure punctual payment of the fee.

Management of fines
If vehicles are registered to Arval, any fines are automatically sent to us. Alternatively, the customer can forward the fine to us for further processing once received. We will take the work off the customer's shoulders by communicating directly with the authority who issued the fine. The deadlines for appeal and payment of the fine will remain in place for the driver.

Help with road traffic laws
Traffic law has become ever more complex in recent years and the penalties ever higher. Only experts who undertake constant training and are qualified in the area of traffic law can provide the best possible representation. We will assist our customers in the area of traffic law with the help of an experienced solicitors firm.

Arval driving licence check

Driving licence checks made easy

One of the most important tasks of a fleet manager is to regularly inspect their drivers' licences. Our driving licence check is a professional solution that will benefit both the drivers and the fleet manager. Every driver gets their own electronic stamp on the driving licence that they use as ID for the test. The driver can have their licence scanned at a public inspection station or by the company itself. The fleet manager only needs to worry about the drivers who fail to partake in the test.

Returning the vehicle

Leasing offers fairness and transparency

When the contract ends, the leasing firm's trustworthiness is manifested once again. For this reason, Arval adheres to the "fair vehicle evaluation" guideline, the reference standard in the industry. The guidelines include:

- Quality guidelines for the return process
- A neutral inspection will evaluate the damage
- Clear criteria for assessing signs of wear and tear and damage

In the event of damage, the mileage and age of the vehicle will be taken into consideration for calculating the depreciation in the value of the vehicle. The report will be given to the customer together with all other details once the final invoice is issued.

Leasing bietet Fairness und Transparenz
Driving training

Drive more safely and save money

On request, Arval will organise training on safe driving or efficiency training. We recommend a one-day combined training. This programme combines training on how to save fuel with a short lesson on safe driving.

The drivers train with their own cars on a training circuit and out on the public road.

Your benefits
- Improved driving style: safer and more fuel-efficient
- Less damage and lower insurance costs
- Lower wear-and-tear and maintenance costs
- Safer driving and new company cars