Smooth Pack

More service and more comfort


The Smooth Pack provides even more services and comfort. With this service package, Arval will handle the complete vehicle tax and radio fee payment for the entire fleet.

All Arval Smooth services at a glance:

The Smooth Pack contains all of the services the Easy Pack offers plus the handling of the vehicle tax and radio fee payments for added convenience. Drivers and customers are given personal access to the online tool, where an overview of the fleet, invoices and reports are made available.

The advantages of Arval Smooth at a glance:

Arval provides complete support from the time the vehicle is ordered until the time the contract ends, lifting the burden from the customers so they have more time to concentrate on their core business.

Flexible leasing contract
The vehicle, duration of the contract and expected kilometres to be driven can be set according to your individual needs. If your circumstances change during your leasing period, you can easily adjust your leasing contract accordingly.

A unique service concept that creates trust
In order to guarantee the best-possible service and a leasing period without any hassle, Arval only works with the best partners.

Transparency from start to finish
Damages and changes to the vehicle are examined and logged according to our fair vehicle evaluation upon return, ensuring a clear overview of any costs incurred at the end of the contract.

24/7 support
At Arval, every customer is given an account manager who is available to help with all matters relating to the fleet. The account manager and his or her team is at hand to answer questions, make changes and find solutions.