Arval Mid-Term Rental

Mid-term rental – an overview of our services

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Mid-term rental – the perfect complement to leasing

Arval Mid-Term Rental is the ideal solution for companies requiring cars for periods of between one and 24 months. This full-service package is tailored to the needs of commercial fleets and professional customers. Long-term car hire bridges the gap between short-term car hire and car leasing.

Your benefits

  • Flexible contractual terms

    • Your contract can be adapted on request, and your vehicle returned at any time

  • Collecting and returning the vehicle

    • Our regional logistics centres enable us to flexibly deliver and pick up the vehicle at a location of your choosing – a service that incurs no additional costs

  • No changes of vehicle, no regular car exchanges

    • Long-term car hire does away with the common car rental practice of exchanging your car at regular intervals. Here, the driver will generally use the same car for the entire car hire duration

  • No unexpected costs

    • The service includes maintenance, inspections and repairs for wear and tear, summer and winter tyres, taxes, 24-hour assistance, claims management, liability insurance, full or partial comprehensive cover, and delivery and collection costs

  • Business and winter equipment at no additional cost

  • Fuel card on request

  • Optional telematic services

  • Simple process via your personal Arval account manager


How Arval’s long-term car hire works

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Arval for my car hire needs?
Arval is the leading provider of leasing and fleet management services with its own mid-term rental fleet of over 1,250 vehicles. We therefore understand and can cater for the wide-ranging requirements of all vehicle fleets, no matter what size. Our goal in creating our mid-term car hire product was to combine the flexibility of car hire with the comprehensive range of services offered by full-service leasing packages. As of the first quarter of 2018, we have been adding more and more electric and hybrid vehicles to our hire car fleet. This means you can use our long-term car hire services to test electric vehicles for your fleet, without entering into any long-term commitments.

In future, our rental vehicles will all be pre-equipped with Arval Active Link telematic technology. This technology can, among other things, evaluate driver behaviour,identify the driver, determine whether a journey is for business of private purposes, and conduct real-time tracking. Customers can select the modules that are relevant to their fleet policy.

How does the rental process work?
By clicking on the desired vehicle category, you can access further information as well as an enquiry form. You can use this form to place your enquiry. If you are already an Arval customer, you can of course simply contact your account manager.
Please include the following information with your query:

  • Desired vehicle group
  • Desired car hire duration and included monthly mileage (3,000 km/month or 4,200 km/month)
  • Pick-up location and, if needed, contact person
  • Desired pick-up date

Your vehicle will be delivered in 3-5 days. Our logistics centre will take care of the delivery and collection of the vehicle at a location of the driver’s choosing. From October to March, the vehicles are delivered fitted with winter tyres.

How flexible is the car hire term?
You contract allows you to adapt the hire term and the kilometres included. Your vehicle is billed for by the day, meaning that any additional days will be charged at 1/30 of the monthly rate.


Contract documents for long-term car hire

You can download these documents here:

General Terms of Hire of Arval Deutschland GmbH

Fee table for mid-term car hire (prices for additional services)

Special terms and conditions pertaining to comprehensive insurance

Assistance services

Criteria catalogue for “fair vehicle evaluation”