Our civic responsibility

Civic responsibility

More than one decade on from the signing of the UN’s voluntary Global Compact and the agreement to implement sustainability principles as well as to adopt appropriate measures, Arval remains determined to bring its activities and strategies into line with the principles of the Global Compact.

Influences and measures to support road safety

Arval regularly provides customers with information relating to road safety:

  • Arval driver training: Arval organises driver training and eco-driver training at the customer’s request. Participants are able to use the training to improve their driving style and therefore to drive more safely and economically.

  • Fleet reviews: Measures relating to driver safety and to reducing the loss rate are developed during these sessions.

  • Road Safety: Arval provides driver safety tips on a regular basis.Arval send these to drivers via email and publishes them online on the homepage.

Corporate philanthropy

As a company, Arval is aware of its huge social responsibility to both people and the environment. Arval supports social projects for this reason:

  • National Read Aloud Day
    Each year, on the third Friday in November, more than 110,000 readers enjoy taking part in the reading campaign day across Germany. Together, more than two million listeners – both large and small – are read aloud to. On 18 November 2016, Arval employees were involved as readers in kindergartens, child daycare centres and schools in the Munich region.

  • Social Day
    As part of the “Ferne Welten – Nahe Welten” (Distant and familiar worlds) event, the Museumspädagogisches Zentrum, a museum-based education centre in Munich, provided refugees with a cultural exchange between the familiar and the new. Together with pupils from the Schlau-Schule in Munich, BNP Paribas employees visited the Bavarian National Museum and the Museum of Five Continents and had lunch together afterwards. Arval has also been involved in improvement work in the Unterhaching ‘Klawotte’ – similar to a second-hand shop. The principle behind the Klawotte, a Workers’ Welfare Association project, is simple: Actively engaged citizens donate well-preserved clothing, toys and CDs as well as table cloths and bed linen. These are sorted by the Klawotte’s volunteer helpers and then labelled with affordable prices. All sales proceeds from the donated goods – after deduction of costs incurred such as the shop lease – are used to fund social projects or to provide local assistance in individual cases. For example, they have funded hospital emergency bags for homeless women and purchased baby equipment for mothers in need of support.A few internal improvements had to be made to the social shop in Unterhaching. These were carried out by volunteers.

  • “Hilfe von Mensch zu Mensch” – or ‘people helping people’ – is an association providing support to refugees and migrants.
    Arval has provided the Munich-based association with two vehicles to assist with the care and support of unaccompanied refugees who are minors.Further information about the association and its work is available at www.hvmzm.de. 

  • Funding reading programmes to support refugees
    Together with the “Stiftung Lesen” reading foundation, BNP Paribas in Germany donated books for “Story-telling and reading aloud” boxes to 50 refugee organisations. Arval was involved in the donation and handed over two of these boxes to the “Hilfe von Mensch zu Mensch” association. The association used the books in its projects to support the integration of young refugees.

  • Bahnhofsmission München
    Arval organised an Easter breakfast on Easter Sunday for those in need at the Munich Bahnhofsmission, which assists people in need at railway stations. Staff prepared the breakfast and helped to serve the food.

  • Aktion Kinder-Unfallhilfe – an initiative supporting child accident victims
    The Arval Christmas donation went to the Aktion Kinder-Unfallhilfe (www.kinder-unfallhilfe.de). The association supports accident prevention measures as well as projects in hospitals, rehabilitation organisations and associations. These aim to help children and young people to overcome the physical and psychological consequences of accidents.

UN Global Compact

In 2004, Arval signed up to the UN’s Global Compact, which means that Arval acts in accordance with the following principles:

  • Human rights: Businesses should support and respect the protection of international human rights within their area of influence and should ensure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses.

  • Combating corruption: Businesses should campaign against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery

Christmas donation and Angel Tree

Christmas is the perfect time to make the world a happier place: Arval gave a Christmas donation to fund outings for youngsters at the Unisono children's home – including trips to the cinema and activities such as swimming and bowling as well as a visit to Deutsches Museum, the Munich science museum.

Through the Angel Tree initiative, Arval employees were able to make Christmas wishes come true for children at the homes Inselhaus and Sternstunden-Haus.