What is the Corporate Vehicle Observatory?

The Corporate Vehicle Observatory (CVO) highlights the key international market and industry trends across Europe. Ideas from experts’ conferences are directly integrated into the CVO. The CVO was established in order to gather and distribute expert know-how regarding fleets, to establish a reliable and independent source of information in the fleet industry and therefore to create a barometer for all market players.

The CVO is a key information source for managers of national and international fleets and goes far beyond the nature of a study or professional publication. Conferences are also held and industry brochures published. The CVO is a pan-European organisation. Launched several years ago on the French market, the CVO is now evolving in Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Other countries will follow. In Germany, the CVO is supported by Arval Deutschland GmbH and BNP Paribas.

The CVO is open to all key decision-makers in the fleet industry.


2014 CVO fleet barometer shows the fleet trends: TCO is a key factor in choosing vehicles

2013 CVO fleet barometer shows the fleet trends: Only a few fleet managers in Germany use vehicle models from foreign manufacturers to reduce their fleet costs.

Electric and hybrid vehicles – technologies, potential uses and perspectives: The english CVO brochure provides detailed background on electric and hybrid vehicle technology and its future trends.

Will fleets continue to run on fossil fuels in future? This question was the pivotal issue discussed in the experts’ conference on “Second generation biofuels”.

2012 CVO fleet barometer shows the fleet trends: According to the current 2012 CVO barometer, fleet managers have fleet costs firmly in their sights. This year, over 3,600 fleet decision-makers in 12 European countries will give their views on trends in fleet management.

2011 CVO fleet barometer shows the fleet trends: Growth in German company fleets. Focused on safe and environmentally-aware driving.

Battery-powered vehicles in fleets: An acceleration or braking factor? Discussion within the Corporate Vehicle Observatory (CVO) about the practicability of battery-powered vehicles in fleets.

2010 CVO fleet barometer shows the fleet trends: Fleet decision-makers are looking increasingly to leasing, expect growth in their fleet and are pro-actively providing “green fleets”.

TCO & CO2: Company fleet – production factor or cost driver: At 55%, just around a half of German fleet managers analyses their fleet costs based on “Total Costs of Ownership“ (TCO).

Register with the CVO

Three good reasons why you should register with the Corporate Vehicle Observatory.

- Expert meetings and workshops
- Publication of specialist articles and brochures
- International and national studies of fleet management trends.

The CVO is open to all experts in the fleet management industry and to specialists in companies in related sectors. It is therefore a key information source for managers of national and international fleets.

In order to register with the CVO, please contact us via